Waldrop-Grimes Team finishes Tornado Proof Elementary School

Waldrop Construction and Grimes Architects were selected to form the Project Team for this Tornado-proof elementary school. Several unique construction methods were used, including Pre-fabricated concrete modular classrooms that were shipped from out of state to the project. The project also included numerous other renovations and additions to campus buildings.

Dripping Springs Arena

The City of Dripping Springs hired a partnership of Waldrop Construction as Construction Managers  to work with local Architect Kevin Herron in designing this Event Center. Waldrop Construction lead the Value Engineering effort, delivering dozens of cost savings ideas, that tightened up the budget. Together, the Waldrop-Herron team developed plans that balanced cost and quality. Today, the Dripping Springs Rodeo is a top destination for Rodeo and other events for Hays County.

Waldrop provides a roadmap to a successful Historic Theater Renovation

Our in-house Design Team worked with our Estimators to develop a roadmap for the project. We established a minimum scope of work, with a menu of items to select from, to create the first Phase of construction. Master budgets and schedules for the overall project, were also created, to estimate the additional funds needed to complete the project.

With a firm plan in place, Waldrop began construction. Our Design Team payed special to recreating Historic Details, using authentic recreations of decorative lighting and architectural details.

3M-Waldrop Partnership still going strong after 25 years

In 1991, Waldrop Construction Superintendent Steve Almon began work on a new equipment platform at 3M, taking over a project from Brownwood Construction, who was at that time closing shop. After the project was over, 3M requested that Waldrop bid on a maintenance agreement for miscellaneous projects at the 3M plant. Since then, Steve Almon has represented Waldrop, performing hundreds of projects, as 3M Brownwood has grown a premiere manufacturing facility in the Southern United States.

Waldrop-Parker Team Fast Tracks Community Nursing Home

Thhe team of Parker Architects and Waldrop Construction was chosen to design and devlop this facility.

Some unusual features of this design, were a post-tensioned concrete slab that could be built faster and more economically than a normal slab. Most Nursing home structures are made of a wood framed walls and trusses. Waldrop worked with NUCOR steel company to build prefabricated metal walls and trusses offsite at the NUCOR steel factory. These were then delivered pre-assembled to the site, where they were quickly assembled into a complete structure. This made the Stephenville project virtually fire-proof. Decorative sconces and coffered ceilings, along with quality doors and windows, give the building a timeless elegance. The Waldrop-Parker teamed delivered the project at a cost of around $90 per square foot, making the building a sucessfull business investment. The Owner considers the project to be a terrific success, and a premiere retirement location.

Waldrop-Castle Team finishes Bruner Auto Dealership, gives back to the Community

Although Greg Bruner and his father, Dwanye Bruner, had operated Auto Dealerships in Central Texas for over 50 years, they were excited at the prospect of building their first new facility since 1969. The Castles Design Group was selected for the Design work, due to their familiarity with Dealership design. Waldrop Construction, having built numerous dealerships, was selected as Construction Manager, at the Pre-design stage. Over the next year, the Waldrop-Castle team worked with Greg and Dwayne, to develop a program that addressed the requirements of five manufacturers.

The final design consists of a 33,000 square foot Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac full service dealership; a 22,000 square foot Toyota full service dealership; and a 9,500 square foot collision center. The front lots also have space for more than 400 vehicles.

The Bruners also wanted to take the community into consideration as they planned the details of the two dealerships, making room for a community area on the complex which offers a place for activities such as car shows, musical events, or soccer practice for those who needed a place for their event.

Waldrop began construction of the buildings, and used several components to finish the building on time. First, we prioritized

construction of the buildin pad areas. Then, as we pour the concrete building slabs, we also began forming and pouring the concrete tilt-wall panels on the ground at the slab perimeter. Soon, it was time to bring in 80 ton cranes, to lift the 30 foot wide by 25 foot tall concrete panels into place. From there, Waldrop was able to quickly erect the interior steel structure, put on a roof, and get started with the interior.

Over the course of the year, we used over 400 subcontractors, many of them drawn from the local community, to finish out the project. Greg Bruner considers the project a phenomenal sucess.

“It’s really gratifying to see how hard everybody has worked for the past several years to get us to this point,” said Bruner.  “It’s humbling too, to see how many families this facility will impact, not only of the employees but also in the community.”


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